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Mike Fisher

About Mike Fisher…

Welcome to my photo sharing site. I have lived in Alaska for over 55 years and in Fairbanks Alaska for about 45 years. But it has only been in the last eight years or so that I have picked up the digital photography bug. I started out by taking photos of Alaska Nanook Hockey, but have since broadened more into Alaska scenery, Aurora, HDR, off-camera flash, high school seniors, and portrait type shots. And being in Alaska I often throw in an occasional bear or moose given the chance.

I  enjoy shooting almost everything and do not specialize in anything, so you will find a real hodgepodge of subjects in my galleries. I am sometimes asked if I sell my photos, especially some of my Aurora shots. Since I am now retired, corporate headquarters has informed me that to sustain my passion I should at least try to cover my operating costs. So I am currently upgrading this site so I can sell my more popular photos online.   Corporate headquarters has also told me that I need to unload the dishwasher, empty the trash, and complete my honey-do list each morning before I go “on assignment.”

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